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Neuromuscular plasticity to exercise: translational approach
We investigate neuromuscular adjustments during exercise and training using a translational approach combining integrative and mechanistic experiments. Using various models (from cell culture to exercising humans) and various approaches (western blot, fluorescence microscopy, high-resolution respirometry, in vitro and in vivo force measurement, surface electromyography, transcutaneous / transcranial stimulation), we assess the neural and intramuscular adaptations in response to exercise or disease. Experiments involving measurements in exercising humans are performed in our laboratory at the Institute of Sport Sciences, while mechanistic experiments are performed at the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Examples of master projects recently conducted in our labs:
- Skeletal muscle adaptations to repeated sprints in normoxia vs. hypoxia
- Optimization of transcranial direct current stimulation to improve endurance performance
- Modulation of the force evoked via wide pulse, high frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation

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Some publications

Donnelly C, Stegmüller J, Blazevich AJ, Crettaz von Roten F, Kayser B, Neyroud D, Place N (2021) Modulation of torque evoked by wide-pulse, high-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation and the potential implications for rehabilitation and training. Sci Rep 11, 6399

Zanou N, Dridi H, Reiken S, Imamura de Lima T, Donnelly C, De Marchi U, Ferrini M, Vidal J, Sittenfeld L, Feige JN, Garcia-Roves PM, Lopez-Mejia IC, Marks AR, Auwerx J, Kayser B, Place N (2021) Acute RyR1 Ca2+ leak enhances NADH-linked mitochondrial respiratory capacity. Nat Commun 12(1):7219

Place N. et al. Ryanodine receptor fragmentation and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ leak after one session of high-intensity interval exercise. PNAS 112 (50) pp. 15492-15497, 2015


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