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Doctoral training programme 2020 Agenda | Theoretical courses | Methodological courses | Doctoral Seminars │Colloquiums

Doctoral training programme 2020 Agenda

IDHEAP’s doctoral programme is coordinated outside the University Conference of Western Switzerland and is offered jointly by the universities of Lausanne, Bern and Lugano. The programme enables doctoral students to interact with leaders in the field of public administration research, thus providing them with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with key methodologies and the most influential publications. The doctoral school’s goal is to accompany students throughout their PhD process. In addition to attending courses, doctoral students receive the necessary support with which to move forward in their research activities, and they are regularly encouraged to share their progress.

IDHEAP’s doctoral students must attend a doctoral school (either IDHEAP’s doctoral school or one recognised as equivalent and approved by the student’s supervisor) before their private thesis defence conference. A total of 15 ECTS are necessary for the obtention of the doctorate, including 9 credits for following courses on theory and 6 credits for courses on methodology. Three of these courses are mandatory: “Public Administration: History and Evolution” (theory, 1.5 credits), “Comparative Public Administration” (theory, 2 credits) and “Methodology and Research Design” (methodology, 1.5 credits). Unless stated otherwise, doctoral school courses are given in English. We strongly urge all potential doctoral students to remember that these mandatory courses only take place every two years.

Doctoral students from outside IDHEAP (i.e. those who do not have a contract with IDHEAP) may attend its courses, workshops and seminars as long as they are enrolled at a Swiss university and that the subject of their thesis is in some way linked to public administration or governance. For more information about its courses, doctoral students from outside IDHEAP should contact the doctoral school’s representative. External doctoral students will be given certificates for course participation.

For more information about the doctoral school, please refer to IDHEAP’s current regulations :


Theoretical courses

Lectures Dates & Place
PA: History and Evolution by Pr. Geert Bouckaert | 1.5 ECTS (compulsory) CANCELLED
Essential in PA by Pr. J-P Villeneuve | 1.5 ECTS CANCELLED
Managing and publishing research data by Pr. Tobias Mettler | 1 ECTS 26.11.20 | IDHEAP (online)
Machine learning (Pr. tbc) CANCELLED


Methodological courses

Lectures Dates & Place
Workshop on QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis) by Dr. Markus B. Siewert | 1 ECTS 11-13.06.20 | on line
Methodology and Research Design by Pr. Benoît Rihoux | 1.5 ECTS (compulsory) 14-15.09.20 | ON LINE (information tbc)
Doctoral Seminar “Writing Skills for Social Scientists” Dr. Christian Rosser and Erwin Egli | 1,5 ECTS 12-13.11.20, 10:00 – 17:00 | KPM, University of Bern, UNIS-Building
The Quantitative Analysis of Political Text by Pr. Denise Traber | 1.5 ECTS CANCELLED


Doctoral Seminars │Colloquiums

Lectures Dates & Place
IMPGT-LEUVEN-IDHEAP (Pr. tbc) | 2 ECTS | Theoretical Seminar CANCELLED
Workshop | The Science of Stories: Theory and Practice of the Narrative Policy Framework, Elizabeth A. Shanahan | 1.5 ECTS CANCELLED
EUROLOC Summerschool by Pr Bas Denters | 2 ECTS 6-12.07.20 | Utrecht, The Netherlands


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