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The topic

Public organisations can be thought of as being caught up in a multi-dimensional force field where the political, managerial, human and ethical dimensions are but the main forces involved. However, seen through the lens of Max Weber’s concepts of public administration, these dimensions would prove most problematic for public sector managers as public organisations should be directed by policy decisions from above, and managers should only concern themselves with operational issues. Alternatively, since the 1960s, numerous models and methodologies have been developed advocating the strategic management of public organisations, almost as if they have the ability to adopt an entrepreneurial outlook. While keeping in mind a backdrop where radical transformations are occurring in public affairs, this module addresses the fundamental structural, cultural, strategic and ethical dimensions of management. Nevertheless, it does this by demonstrating that those dimensions are the results of continually redefined associations between the rational/objective approaches and the contingent/reconstructed approaches used by members of those organisations.

  • Understanding public organisations as finite social systems;
  • Knowledge of the essential dimensions of and tools for managing public organisations, through learning about the most influential schools of thought in this field;
  • Decoding the relational logic and the games underlying actors’ participation in the functioning of their organisation;
  • Illustrating this integrated approach to public management through a case study.
Target audience
  • Students studying for the MAS in Public Administration (MPA);
  • Students studying for the DAS in Public Administration;
  • Political representatives and administrative managers;
  • Executives from public, private and not-for-profit enterprises.
Programme (subject to modifications)
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