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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

The topic

The 21st century is characterised by major societal challenges such as climate change, social divisions, and the digital transformation. Although many public organisations have undergone substantial reform over the past 30 years, many are still not sufficiently prepared to tackle these complex challenges. In addition, citizens’ expectations vis-à-vis the public sector are rising, leading to frustration and a loss of trust in institutions if public mangers fail to develop and modernize their organisations. As such, today’s public managers are faced with many difficult questions regarding the role of the state and public administration, organizational strategies and structures, HR, leadership, culture, IT, communication, and their own competencies, skills and managerial methods. In this course, we will reflect on these questions, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective, drawing on the latest international research. Furthermore, we will discuss examples of modernisation initiatives to provide participants with a comprehensive, integrated, and up-to-date management framework to optimise their managerial practices.


  • Understand the foundations of public management, as well as the different levels of governance;
  • Understand the essential dimensions of public management and how they interact;
  • Teach participants how to guide public organisations by optimising the horizontal and vertical alignment of the dimensions analysed;
  • Help participants make use of the course’s essential lessons by applying them to a public sector organisation, in the form of an analysis and recommendations

Target audience

  • Students studying for the MAS in Public Administration (MPA);
  • Executives or future executives in public sector organisations.


  • French is the main teaching language for this program
  • More information available on the corresponding pages
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