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How can I access the UNIL's job platform?

To access the UNIL jobs database, you need to log in using your UNIL ID (user name and password) via our Job platform. Simply contact the advertiser directly if you find something that interests you.

Who has access to the jobs offered by UNIL?

Jobs published on the Jobs platform are reserved exclusively for students currently studying at UNIL.

I'm a foreign student, am I allowed to work?

European and non-European foreign students who hold a residence permit to study in Switzerland are allowed to work 15 hours a week during course periods and full-time during the university holidays.

Please note: foreign students from countries outside the European Union (EU) may not work for the first 6 months following the start of their course.

Do I have to pay tax if I have a student job?

From the age of 18, everyone living in Switzerland is obliged to file a tax declaration every year.

Having to declare what you earn does not necessarily mean that you are liable to pay tax. In fact, in many cantons, there is a minimum amount above which you have to pay tax. This amount varies from canton to canton. What's more, the taxable amount is not the same as net income, since there are many deductions that can be made.

In some cantons, students are exempt from tax on their earned income up to a certain limit. On the other hand, money received from parents, support grants and military, fire brigade or civil defence salaries are not taxable.

I'm a company or an individual. How can I publish an offer?

You can publish an advertisement by logging in to your company or individual employer account via our platform. Each advertisement is checked by our employees before publication in order to verify its content and its conformity with our salary policy. Once the ad has been validated, it is published for a period of 15 days and is free of charge. It can be extended at any time by accessing your account.


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