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Academic Work

Screenshot_2019-06-06 Agence de placement et de recrutement de profils...

Swiss recruitment agency specializing in students or young professionals in the beginning of their career.

More information : academicwork.ch

Ados Job

AdosJob helps young people aged 15 to 22 to find a part-time job.


More information: adosjob.ch

Ados Pro


AdosPro provides a free placement and job-search support service for young people aged 13 to 25.

More information: adospro.ch



We specialise in providing in-home services for individuals. We are always looking for people to work in the following areas:

  • Child care at home
  • School support at home
  • Help for elderly people at home
  • House cleaning
  • Dog sitting

More information: alamaison.ch



The just-in-time jobs platform, connecting companies with people looking for flexible work.

More information: coople.ch

CVAJ (Young people's support centre)


Are you a student looking for a part-time job? Become a tutor!


More information: cvaj.ch

Tel. 021 613 40 40


Easyprofs offers private classes and school support in all subjects and at every level throughout Switzerland. We are constantly recruiting students and young graduates to meet our customers’ needs and provide tutorial support. We are looking for people in all subject areas but particularly French, German and English, maths (analysis, algebra and geometry), physics and statistics.


More information: easyprofs.ch
Tel. 0840 000 111


Borned in September 1999, etudiants.ch quickly established a reputation as the leading platform for young people in education throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Its content and main areas of interest meet the needs of its target audience, with themed reports, news and classified ads to help students find a job while they study. Join us and keep up to date with all the latest job opportunities!


More information: etudiants.ch


Looking for a part-time job while studying?

Etujobs is the leading part-time jobs service aimed exclusively at students. The platform bridges the gap between the world of work and young people in education, not only by providing short- and medium term vacancies but also casual jobs and opportunities for placements, work, dissertation and diploma projects.


Areas of activity:

  • Individual tuition
  • Promotional activities
  • IT support
  • Services on demand
  • Diploma projects and research

More information: etujobs.ch


The part-time jobs portal!

More information: petitboulot.ch



Securitas is recruiting male and female staff for a wide range of events!


More information: securitas.ch



uJobit is a fast, easy-to-use platform to find or offer part-time jobs for students!

More information: ujobit.com



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