Dellwo Barbara

              IMG_1521.jpg (Barbara Dellwo)

Junior Lecturer

Institute for social sciences of religions (ISSR)

Email: Barbara.Dellwo<at>

Research Interests:

Migration and Diaspora Studies
Transnationalism and Multiple Identities
Highly Skilled Migrants
Urban Studies
Religious Studies
Muslims in Switzerland



English presentation

Barbara Dellwo is currently working as a junior lecturer at the Institute for Social Sciences of Religions (ISSR), where she teaches "Introduction to Migration Studies (Fields and Methods): Migration, gender, religion". From October 2013 to September 2017, she worked as a PhD student and researcher within the Swiss National Fund project "(In)visible Islam in the City: (Im)material Expressions of Muslim Practices within Urban Settings". Having obtained a Doc.Mobility scholarship from the SNSF, she stayed at Middlesex University London from October 2016 to March 2017.


After having done a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnology, Religious Studies, and History from the Universities of Lausanne and Neuchâtel, Barbara Dellwo completed her Masters at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (FTSR) of the University of Lausanne, with a specialisation in Migration Studies (Analysis of Transnational and Translocal Social Spaces). Studying transnational elites with Muslim background in the Lake Geneva area, her thesis focuses on the articulation of race and class in migration settings, with a particular attention for the reconfigurations of racism in a neo-liberal context.