Aleman Serjara


Doctorante FNS

Religions, migration, diaspora

Institut de sciences sociales des religions (ISSR)




Serjara Aleman is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Lausanne and grantee of the Swiss National Science Foundation ( program). In her thesis she explores the emancipatory potential of urban art for groups or individuals struggling with conditions of inequality, precarity and marginalization in Peru.

Previously she was working as a junior researcher for the chair “Migrations, Religions and Diaspora” at the “Institute for Social Sciences of Religions”. Prior she was working as student assistant and later FNS junior researcher in the project  “(In)visible Islam in the City: Material and Immaterial Expressions of Muslim Practices within Urban Spaces in Switzerland”, financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation.   

Serjara Aleman received her Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Lausanne with an orientation in Cultural and Social Anthropology. In her multimedia Master thesis entitled “A Tale of Becoming and Belonging in Berlin: A Multimodal Ethnography on Childbirth in the Context of Migration” she explored the processes of childbirth and the transition to parenthood with camera and microphone. For her fieldwork she spent five months in Berlin and was granted funding by the European Direct Exchange Program. 

Sociocultural Anthropology, Audiovisual Anthropology, Artistic activism, Urban Art, Lima Peru, Women artivists