Conference and workshops - 9th to 11th of June 2010

Multi-disciplinary approach of complexity, networks, geosimulations


Aims of workshops and conference:

Conference and workshops themes are social networks, space, risks and simulations. The goal of this conference is to present the most exciting complex-systems research taking place in the social, economical, biological, and physical arenas to the Geo, Environment and Social sciences communities.

Theories of complex systems and networks have been developed a lot in the last decade in multi-disciplinary groups (in particular in collaboration with physicists and computer-scientists). Showing these studies in progress, the motivation of the conference is to reach scholars from different disciplines in Lausanne and stimulate multi-disciplinary new projects.

The General assembly of S4 European Research Group will take place June 11th. It will be the opportunity to share the activities of all the ERG working groups and to meet the members of S4 European Research Group.

Workshops are devoted to PhD and Post-Doc students from any discipline. Participants from Swiss and European Universities are welcome in the limit of available places. Seating is limited and registration is required (maximum: 60). Registration is free of charge but is required, deadline 1st of May.

Conferences are open to scholars from any discipline.

Registration is free of charge but is required, deadline 1st of May.

Financial support:

  • IGUL - Institute of Geography
  • IGAR - Institute of Geomatics and Risks Analysis
  • Geoscience Faculty
  • Anthropos (Multi-disciplinary researches, UNIL)
  • GDRE S4


  • Amphimax and Amphipole buildings (auditorium and workshop classes)
  • Visio-conference in streaming and on line (iTunes-YouTube)

Budget encompasses:

  • The workshops and conference are free
  • People of the audience pay their accommodation, travel
  • Lunches and conference diner taken in charge by the organization

Presentations could be sent to Cybergeo (European journal of geography)

The papers will follow the normal referee process of the journal



The conferences will be accessible by streaming in real time. The movies will be available after in Itunes-format and in YouTube.