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The Graduate Campus offers individual consultations on the topics of the doctorate, career (academic and non-academic) and supervision of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

These appointments are strictly confidential.


Throughout your doctorate, you can contact the Graduate Campus to meet and discuss topics such as:

For more information and to arrange an appointment, please write to the Graduate Campus with a brief description of your request.

Target audience: doctoral researchers of all faculties.


The Graduate Campus provides individualised consultations and coaching for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. This service is available in two forms:

1. Register for a "Career Consult"

Whatever your career-related question, the career experts at the Graduate Campus are available twice a month for two hours of individual 15-minute consultation (online or face-to-face). You request a Career Consult using the UNIL registration platform. Once we have confirmed your request for a Career Consult, we’ll send you a booking calendar on which you can select the day and time that best suits you.

2. Write to the Graduate Campus to arrange a consultation or coaching.

For a more in-depth discussion, we can organise a one-hour consultation. When you write to request the consultation, please remember to include a short description of your background and what brings you to seek a consultation or coaching for career development.

For these longer consultations, and to ensure you get the most out of the time, we ask that you first attend a Career Café (or equivalent), in order to learn more about the resources and workshops available to you. The questions you have may well be answered during the Career Café, and if you still wish to have a consultation afterwards, this base knowledge will allow us to focus more rapidly on your specific needs and context.

*If you have already had career development consultations or training in another context, it may be possible to forego this requirement. Please let us know at time of contact whether this is your case.

Target audience: doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of all faculties.



The Graduate Campus can provide advice and support for your needs in supervising doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

For more information and to arrange an appointment, please write to the Graduate Campus with a brief description of your request.

Target audience: academic staff at the UNIL responsible for supervising doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from all faculties.


At the Graduate Campus, we guarantee the utmost discretion regarding subjects discussed during a meeting with us or during any interactions with us. However, by law, we have the duty to inform the Work and Study Climate Protection Officer of any situation where personal rights may have been violated (e.g. in the case of sexual harassment). Apart from such a situation, your communications and discussions with us will remain confidential. 

If you have any doubts, please consult the HELP I UNIL website.

No matter the situation you wish to share, you will be listened to and receive advice. 


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