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In parallel to the thesis research, PhD students in life sciences take part in a study program (courses, conferences, seminars...). 

Study programs are created to train doctoral students by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to increase research performance and to help them for their future professional career growth.

Students can choose between the general study program in Life Sciences (to be customized, called also "FREE study plan") and the programs with a specific study option/plan.

At the end of your studies a certificate is delivered mentioning the study option you choose. Be aware that the study option will NOT be mentioned on the Doctorate in Life Sciences (PhD) diploma itself.

To start a thesis research, the candidate has first to find a thesis director.

Study programs (options, courses & events, credits, ECTS)

PhD in life sciences

Study options: enrollment

The student chooses the study plan during the admission process:

Enrolment in a study plan requires the agreement of the Thesis Director and of the Study Program Director.

Official enrolement is done during the UNIL admission process.

Life Sciences (FREE/customized study plan): Directly via the UNIL admission service during the admission process. You do not need to contact the Program Coordinator.

Life Sciences with a specific study option: you must contact the Program Coordinator/visit the appropriate website to get informed on the terms and conditions and apply for registration and then follow the UNIL admission process

For the Cancer and Immunology PhD Program, the candidate selection may be done on a competitive basis. Please, check their website.

Note: it is very important to get enrolled in the right track during the admission process. 


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