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Procedure for submitting a request for publication support

The general purpose of the Publications Fund is to promote the publication of scientific publications published under the auspices or with the support of the University of Lausanne. Subsidies are aid for the commercial publication of scientific work by members of the Lausanne university community.

The allocation of grants is possible for paper publications but also for natively digital publications.

Criteria for awarding grants


Subsidies are granted if the scientific work is published by a commercial publisher and for a non-confidential edition.
Can be supported:

  • The publications of people employed by UNIL
  • Doctoral theses, which must have been defended at UNIL
  • The scientific work of honorary professors

The following are excluded from the granting of grants:

  • Articles published in journals
  • The translations
  • Publications that would have been printed and marketed before the Committee’s award decision was made




For requests equal to or greater than CHF 3'000.- applicants have the obligation to indicate that they are requesting, in parallel, other support organizations.

The frequency of funding requests is one request per applicant and per category (less than CHF 3,000 and equal to or greater than CHF 3,000) is limited to every 3 years.

The amount of the subsidy is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the investment of the publishing house, the sale price and the nature of the work.


Deadlines for support requests


Grant applications are examined four times a year.
The deadlines for sending files are:

  • 1st of March
  • 1st of June
  • 1sr of September
  • 1st December

In January of each year, the Committee draws up a summary list of the requests received and the grants granted, with mention of the faculties concerned.


Form and documents to provide


The form for requests of less than CHF 3'000.- or the form for requests of more than CHF 3'000.-

  • A cover letter
  • The applicant's CV
  • A table of contents of the book
  • A quote from the publisher and / or the printer
  • A publisher's contract with clear and obligatory mentions of a clause concerning Open Access (directive 2.3 art. 2.3.2, I) and of a clause stipulating the renunciation of all copyright. The publisher must bear a significant part of the production costs (more than 25%).

The documents are to be sent in paper format to the secretariat of the Committee: Publications Fund, Céline Surmont, General Secretariat, Unicentre, 1015 Lausanne


Publication and engagement


The publication must mention the support provided by UNIL.

The invoice relating to the publication must reach, with a copy of the published work, to the secretariat of the Committee within two years following the date of the grant award letter.

Additional time may be requested, with justification; it must be the subject of a Committee decision.


Supported publications


La pittura murale tra XI e XIII secolo in Canton Ticino
Tra gli intonaci medievali di un’altra Lombardia

Irene Quadri
Silvana Editore

Automne 2020 - 352 pages - 978-8-83664-598-5
Langue: italien


Il libro d'ore in Italia tra confraternite e corti (1275-1349)
Lettori, artisti, immagini

Laura Alidori Battaglia
Olschki Editore

Automne 2020 - 411 pages - 978-8-82226-664-4
Langue: italien


La fabbrica di pinocchio
Dalla fiaba all'illustrazione, l'immaginario di Collodi

Veronica Bonanni
Donzelli Editore

Eté 2020 - 304 pages - 978-6-35214-254-4
Langue: italien


Des avant-dernières machines
Cinéma, techniques, histoire

Sous la direction de Selim Krichane et Benoît Turquety

Editions L’Age D’Homme
Été 2020 - 376 pages - 978-2-8251-4803-7


Selbstrevision – Neukreation: Robert Walsers Buch Seeland

Dorette Fasoletti
Éditions Königshausen & Neumann

Printemps 2020 - 248 pages - 978-3-826-06960-4
Langue: allemand


Pittura e committenza in Lombardia tra Due e Trecento
L'Ascesa di una Signoria e la Genesi di un linguaggio

Santina Novelli
Viella Editore

Printemps 2020 - 332 pages - 978-8-83313-324-9
Langue: italien


Theorie des graphischen Feldes

Katia Schwerzmann
Édition Diaphanes

Printemps 2020 - 280 pages - 978-3-03580-200-9
Langue: allemand


Digital Image Systems: Photography and New Technologies at the Düsseldorf School

Claus Gunti
Éditions Transcript Verlag

Hiver 2019 - 390 pages - 978-3-83763-902-5
Langue: anglais


Poesie Volgari Del Secondo Trecento Attorno Ai Visconti

Marco Limongelli
Éditions Viella

Hiver 2019 - 254 pages - 978-8-83313-264-8
Langue: italien


Histoire d’une nouvelle
Pratiques narratives en salle de rédaction

Gilles Merminod
Éditions De Boeck Superieur

Automne 2019 - 312 pages - 978-2-80732-957-7


Traité sur les causes de la cruentation des corps morts à la présence des meurtriers et autres textes

François Ranchin
Editions Jérôme Millon

Automne 2019 - 160 Pages - 978-2-84137-368-0



Caractérisation des assemblages métalliques d’une agglomération celtique

Matthieu Demierre
Préface de G. Kaenel
Editions Mergoil

Automne 2019, 2 vol.  - 1109 pages - 978-2-35518-063-7



En quête de Perceval
Étude sur un mythe littéraire

Christophe Imperiali
Editions Slatkine

Automne 2019 - 506 pages - 978-2-74535-111-1


Le choix de la violence en politique

Carole Villiger
Editions Antilope

Automne 2019 - 153 pages - 978-2-88901-157-5


Les métiers de l’ombre de la Fête des Vignerons

Dominique Vinck
Editions Antipodes

Automne 2019 - 360 pages - 978-2-88901-171-1




Un patrimoine mutilé. Palmyre hier, aujourd’hui. Et demain?

Patrick Michel, avec la collaboration d’Yves Ubelmann,
Éditions Favre

Automne 2019 - 151 pages - 978-2-82891-726-5



Sortir le religieux de sa boîte noire

Pierre Gisel
Editions Labor et Fides

Automne 2019 - 240 pages - 978-2-8309-1700-0



Les striges en Italie du Nord
Alessia Belli, Astrid Estuardo Flaction
Edizioni del Galluzzo, coll. « Micrologus Library », n°97

Automne 2019 - 429 pages - 978-88-8450-931-4


Le métier et la vocation de syndicaliste

Olivier Fillieule, Vanessa Monney, Hervé Rayner
Editions Antipodes

Eté 2019 - 391 pages - 978-2-88901-161-2


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