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Open Science at UNIL

Taylor&Francis agreement: No deal ends
Following negotiations, an agreement was reached with Taylor&Francis, putting an end to the no-deal impasse. The right to publish in Open Access will be retroactive to January 1, 2024.
Accord conclu avec Taylor&Francis : Fin du statut de no deal
Suite aux négociations, un accord a été conclu avec Taylor&Francis, mettant ainsi fin à l'impasse du no deal. Le droit de publication en Open Access entrera en vigueur rétroactivement au 1er janvier 2024.
The FNS ceases to fund articles in Open Access within special editions
Articles published in special editions are increasingly common. This sharp increase, coupled with disparate processes, is conducive to abuse. As of February 2024, the SNSF will no longer fund OA articles in this type of publication.
Le FNS arrête de financer les articles en Open Access dans des éditions spéciales
Les articles publiés dans des éditions spéciales sont de plus en plus courants. Cette forte augmentation et des processus disparates favorisent les dérives. Dès février 2024, le FNS ne financera plus d’articles OA dans ce type de publications.
New OS Flyer at UNIL
COVID-19 & Open Science
In order to fight a virus, it is necessary to "contain the population, but not the scientific data", nor science in general.
How can Open Science contribute to a more effective fight against COVID-19 ? Find out here our selection.
Open and Collaborative Science Manifesto
This video describes the 7 principles that could constitute a more open and inclusive science in development