Swiss mobility


If you wish to stay in Switzerland and spend one or more semesters at a different university, you need to apply by April 1st for the fall semester or the following academic year, and October 15th for the spring semester (note: the deadline for applications in the School of Medicine is a few days earlier – please check the School of Medicine website).


How to proceed?

  1. First, we strongly recommend that you attend the information session on university exchanges that your faculty or school/section organises at the start of the academic year. Please check your faculty’s website at the beginning of the academic year and check the e-mails on your UNIL account regularly to find out more. If necessary, contact the mobility adviser in your faculty or section/school to find out the date of the session applicable to you.
  2. Check how much time your course allows you to spend away on an exchange. Depending on your course, the options for taking part in an exchange may vary during your bachelor’s or Master’s course.
  3. Identify the destination you would like to consider for your exchange. Check the websites of Swiss universities.
  4. Study the course programmes at the universities you are considering carefully and check that they are compatible with the course you are taking at UNIL.
  5. Make an appointment with the mobility coordinator in your faculty or section/school to discuss the courses you are planning to take in the Swiss university of your choice. This appointment is essential to check that the courses you are planning to take will be recognised when you return.
  6. Complete the forms below and have your study plan signed by the mobility coordinator in your faculty or section/school.
  7. Submit your completed application on time to the Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office (SASME).
  8. You will receive confirmation of your place and the award of any mobility grant (CHF 500 per semester) about a month after you have submitted your application.


Conditions for obtaining a grant of CHF 500 per semester

  • Evidence, confirmed by the faculty, institute or professor in your home university, that studies completed successfully in the host university will be fully recognised when you return.
  • The placement must take place in a different language region, with a different teaching language from the student’s native language.
  • A copy of the confirmation of enrolment for the current semester and your bank or post office account number must reach the Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office before 30 October for the autumn semester and 30 March for the spring semester.


Application deadline: 1 April (for the autumn semester or the following academic year) and 15 october (for the spring semester), except for the School of Medicine: deadline of 1 February for the autumn and/or spring semester of the following academic year.


Target audience: Students in all UNIL faculties.


Geographical area covered: Switzerland.


Submit your application to: the Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office (SASME).



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