Students at UNIL - Request for a semester leave

Important : the request form for a semester leave has to be sent to the faculty

To be submitted to your faculty or school before :

- 30 September (autumn semester)
- 28 February (spring semester)

Request form for a semester leave

Excerpts of the “Règlement d'application de la loi du 6 juillet 2004 sur l'Université de Lausanne (RLUL)

Article 92 - Semester leave
“A semester leave is a period of one or two semesters during which a student follows no teachings at the University of Lausanne.”

Article 93 – Types of semester leaves
“A semester leave can be complete or restricted. The Dean’s Office of the faculty concerned decides of the type of the semester leave.”

Article 94 – Grounds for a semester leave
“A semester leave can be granted for the following reasons :
a) attendance at another Swiss or foreign higher education institution, outside an exchange programme;
b) internship;
c) exam preparation;
d) specific commitment at the service of the university community;
e) military or civil service;
f) pregnancy, maternity or duly certified medical reasons.”

Article 95 – Granting and renewal of a semester leave
“The student submits, within the deadlines established by the Rectorate, a written request to the Dean’s Office of his/her faculty.
The Dean’s Office makes a decision over the request as well as on its type.
A semester leave is renewable according to the conditions established by the Rectorate.”

Article 96 – Status of a student on a semester leave
“A student on a semester leave remains registered. He/She is liable to pay the reduced tuition fees as well as the semester fees.”

Article 97 – Earning ECTS credits, inclusion of the semester leave in the number of semesters
“A student on a complete semester leave cannot earn any ECTS credits. The semester/s during which he/she is on leave is/are not counted towards his/her studies.
A student on a restricted semester leave can sit exams and acquire ECTS credits. He/She has to sit the compulsory exams. The semester/s during which he/she is on leave is/are counted towards his/her studies.”




the French version of the registration conditions prevails