ARCHIVE - Consultancy Work

The Chair in Local Policy and Public Policy Evaluation provides consulting and advisory services in the following fields:

  • Evaluating public policy;
  • Local policy.
2016 – Evaluation of the “Nature in the city” programme for the city of Neuchâtel
2015 – Evaluation of the Community Social Services Sector for the city of Geneva
2013 – Interpreting services
2013 – External evaluation of the Swiss Federal Food Chain Unit (FFCU)
2013 – Evaluation of the city of Lausanne’s “Me & Others” campaign
2013 – Satisfaction survey for a panel of the communal adminstration’s services among the citizens of the town of Yverdon-les-Bains
2012 – Evaluation of the “Sustainable neighbourhoods by Sméo” approach
2012 – Implementation of a public policy steering system for the city of Neuchâtel
2012 – Methodological support to an internal evaluation by the children’s chartiy, CIAO
2012 – Evaluation of the implementation of the canton of Vaud’s guiding principles in the field of social action by the authorities providing professional reintegration payments
2012 – Evaluation of the canton of Vaud’s policy and approach to integrating foreigners through learning French
2012 – Federal integration support: Evaluation of the Priority Programme’s Priority 1
2011 – Evaluation of the national programmes on tobacco, alcohol and drugs
2011 – Study on the distribution of tasks between the Municipality and the Administration in the Commune of Cheseaux
2010 – Evaluation of the monitoring of the canton of Vaud’s overall master plan, as proposed by CEAT (the Urban and Regional Planning Community)
2010 – Evaluation of the canton of Valais’ “Sexuality, Information, Prevention, Education” centres
2010 – Implementation of a public policy steering system for the town of Monthey
2010 – Methodological support to the evaluation of Pro Infirmis Vaud’s “InsertH” pilot project

For more information and a list of consultancy services provided before 2010, please consult the page in French URL

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