Commission de la relève scientifique

Goals and mission

Goals and mission


The University of Lausanne's Rectorate has within its scope the possibility to mandate commissions to advise its policies and management of the institution. These commissions have the same lifespan as the Rectorate's. For each commission, the Rectorate defines the composition between faculties, associations and central services. The Rectorate appoints its representative as well as the person who will preside over the commission's deliberations.

The Commission de la relève académique was created in 2011 and disbanded in June 2016. The commission was then reformed for the 2016-2021 period, under a new name: Commission de la relève scientifique.


The mission of the Commission consists in advising the Rectorate in its policies regarding the relève scientifique (i.e. doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers, during their activities at UNIL and towards their diverse careers) and to monitor the implementation of concrete measures. The Commission functions as an advisory board and as a forum to address the issues of young researchers at UNIL. The debates held in the Commission allow the deliberating members to become experts and ambassadors of the institutional stakes regarding doctoral and postdoctoral issues, and to formulate proposals and recommendations to the Rectorate.

As an official internal commission, the language of discussion and official documents is French. For more information on the commission, please consult this web page in French.

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