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Maternity leave

Maternity leave lasts for four months and starts on the day the child is born.

After the birth of the child, just send a copy of the birth certificate to Human Resources.

During their maternity leave, UNIL staff members receive their full salary (with the exception of Student Assistants, whose leave lasts 14 weeks paid at a rate of 80 %). If you fulfil the conditions stipulated by the Loi sur les allocations perte de gain, you are entitled to maternity leave, even if you have only recently been employed by UNIL.

If you have a fixed-term contract, you benefit from the same maternity leave conditions of four months, provided that the child was born during the period covered by your contract with UNIL. If you give birth during the two weeks following the expiry of the contract (the date of the actual childbirth and not the due date being valid), you will also be entitled to the maternity leave of four months and your contract will then be extended until the expiry of the maternity leave or breastfeeding leave.


Replacement during maternity leave

The unit to which you are attached can, if necessary, replace you during your maternity/breastfeeding or other type of leave. Since the introduction of federal maternity insurance, the University of Lausanne receives the equivalent of 80% of the salary of women on maternity leave during a period of 14 weeks. The payment of the costs incurred for replacement staff is borne by the Faculties and Services concerned according to their budget.


Breastfeeding leave

If you are breastfeeding, you are entitled to one month of additional paid leave, after maternity leave. You must inform your superior and Human Resources of your intention to request this leave, at the latest at the end of the second month of maternity leave. You must also provide a medical certificate confirming the fact that you are breastfeeding (at the earliest at the beginning of the second month following childbirth and at the latest at the end of the maternity leave).

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Breastfeeding at UNIL

When you recommence your activity at the University of Lausanne, you will be accorded the time necessary for breastfeeding or expressing your milk. During your child’s first year, you can count this time as paid working time as indicated in the Ordonnance 1 relative à la Loi sur le travail (art. 60).

The UNIL Health Centre can provide you with premises, equipped with a refrigerator, where you can breastfeed or express your milk. Contact:, (021 692) 25 77, Anthropole 1056.


Paternity leave

Paternity leave of 20 working days (from January 1, 2021) is granted to fathers.

After the birth of the child, just send a copy of the birth certificate or other official document to Human Resources.

Please note that homoparenthood situations are resolved by analogy. This also applies to other parental leave, such as leave for sick children.

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Adoption leave

In the case of adoption, the parent employed by UNIL is entitled to an adoption leave of four months. In the event that both parents are employed by the Vaud cantonal administration (UNIL or outside UNIL), the adoption leave is granted to one person. At the couple’s request, it can be split between the parents.

The request must be submitted upon receipt of the adoption authorisation at the latest.

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Cantonal maternity allowance

There is a cantonal maternity allowance allocated, under certain conditions, to families who are not entitled to federal maternity benefits. This is the case, for example, with an adoption. You can obtain more information from the Caisse cantonale vaudoise de compensation.


Leave for sick chidren

As a father or mother with a UNIL contract, you are entitled to five working days a year to look after a sick child. The number of days is fixed and does not depend on the number of children in the family.

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