Gender studies

Centre for Gender Studies in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

As a research unit hosted by the Institute of Social Sciences, the Centre for Gender Studies CEG aims to:

  • support the development of gender research in the social sciences at UNIL;
  • encourage interdisciplinary research in Gender Studies through research leadership activities;
  • provide a scientific framework for students who wish to incorporate gender studies in their academic course and/or adopt a gender perspective in their research.
Interfaculty Facility for Gender Studies (PlaGe)

The Interfaculty Facility for Gender Studies (PlaGe) is a cross-faculty, cross-disciplinary network, whose main objective is to examine gender in its overall reality, through exchanging knowledge, analyses and methods across several disciplines.

The Facility encourages collaboration between its various members in the field of research, organizing scientific activities (conferences, seminars and work in progress), as well as disseminating and integrating Gender Studies into the various disciplines and faculties at UNIL.

Gender Campus

Gender Campus is the information, communications and networking platform for Gender Studies and equal opportunities in Swiss universities.

It offers a national directory of courses in gender studies.

CUSO doctoral program in Gender Studies

The CUSO doctoral program in Gender Studies is a space for learning and academic exchange for doctoral students working on gender-related topics.

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