Missions of the data stewards

The main missions of the UNIL data stewards are to provide support, advice, development and expertise to researchers on issues related to the planning, management, dissemination, opening and preservation of research data.

In order to realize these missions and activities, the following tasks have been defined by UNIRIS:

  • To assist in the preparation, writing and review of Data Management Plans (DMP) and in the expert use of the DMPonline UNIL tool ;
  • Supporting researchers on the ethical and legal issues of data management, with the services concerned ;
  • Make researchers aware of the requirements of UNIL, public funders and scientific publishers in terms of managing and opening up research data ;
  • Support researchers in opening, sharing and reusing existing research data ;
  • Support researchers in documentation, data organization, choice of standards, formats and metadata ;
  • Advising and assisting researchers in archiving and promoting the use of data ;
  • Assist researchers in processing, managing and securing personal or sensitive data (anonymization, de-identification of data).
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