Whether primary or applied, the research developed at IDHEAP is oriented towards innovation.

We cultivate an interdisciplinary approach. We take up this challenge thanks to solid disciplinary anchors coupled with a collaborative approach. This is why we often conduct our research with partners from Swiss or international universities. The themes addressed cover the major challenges and issues to which the public administration must answer:

Public Administration per se

  • The standards and the strategy which form the basis of the action of the public administration in the long term; and more specifically law, ethics, strategy, tactics, governance and leadership;
  • The organization and the processes which, in the short and medium term, play a capital role in the deployment of the strategy; and more specifically organizational techniques and specific processes such as human resource management, communication or finance;
  • The change management that underlies most of the actions and projects undertaken within the public administration, whether it involves changing the public administration itself, changing its environment or more fundamentally responding to society’s expectations regarding state interventions; and this through organizational learning, evaluation, innovation, digitalisation, or even project management.

The Environment of Public Administration

The environment in which the public administration operates and deploys its action is also a subject of research. This environment, this research object, covers both societal values (liberalism, democracy, responsibility) and expectations vis-à-vis the State (efficiency, redistribution, macroeconomic stabilization), but also stakeholders (citizen, political parties, NGOs, media, etc.) and political institutions (separation of powers, federalism, direct democracy, militia).

Public Policies

Finally, several public policies are among our research subjects. These include the sustainability policy, the training policy, the integration policy and even the social policy. In the study of these public policies, our research integrates the different dimensions of public administration and its environment, as mentioned above.


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