Lauréats 2019

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Les lauréats

Outstanding Mentoring Award
Margot Thome Miazza
In recognition for her exceptional contribution to the training of young talents and for her commitment to the new generation of academics

Clinical Practice Award
Peter Vollenweider
In recognition for his outstanding contribution to the improvements of the quality of patient care and medical practice

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Julien Puyal
For his excellence in teaching and enthusiasm for innovative approaches

Jean-Pierre Hornung
For his dedication to teaching and coordination of teaching at pre-and postgraduate level, which has led to a real interdisciplinary central gem for the different schools of the FBM

Outstanding Student's Guidance Award
Justine Collier
Christiane Nawrath
Pascal Schneider
Johann Weber

For their excellence in organizing, coordinating and taking great care of students during skill labs

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Laura Fernandez
For her work on the neurophysiological mechanisms of sleep in rodent

Jürg Tschopp Basic Life Sciences Award
Petr Broz
For his work on innate immunity against intracellular pathogens and the induction of inflammatory cell death

Lifetime Achievement Award
Andrea Volterra
For his achievements in the field of astrocyte-neuron communication and its contribution to synaptic integration and the pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric disorders

Communication Award
Veneta Valerieva Gerganova
For her outstanding commitment to the development of communication strategies for the general public in the field of life sciences

Equality Award
Association Clash (Romaine Delacrétaz, Eva Piccand,Ilire Rrustemi, Léa Schilter)
In recognition for their outstanding contribution toward promoting gender equality


Les FBM Awards ont été remis lors de la soirée d'été de la Faculté au cours de laquelle les professeur·e·s honoraires et retraité·e·s ont également été récompensé·e·s.

Photos © Jeanne Martel, SAM


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