Funding opportunities for PhD students or Post-docs

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Graduate Campus

The Graduate Campus offers career advices and training to postgraduate and doctoral students at UNIL.The graduate campus also helps thesis supervisors and coaches post-docs.


Travel Grants

Financing fieldwork, archives visits, participation in symposia

Financing scientific exchanges during PhD


Financing of living expenses

  1. Either you are hired on an assistant position in a professor's team (job at UNIL).
  1. Either you are involved in a research project submitted by your supervisor (FNS Free Project, European Project, Foundation Project).

In both cases, if you are hired at the UNIL, you will have a contract, this includes social security, accident insurance, AVS etc.


3. Either you do your PhD beside your profession (medical doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.), you must make sure that you have concluded all needed insurances to be covered during the entire period of your PhD. 

4. Either you start on self-funding (many abandon or theses that last and hinder a potential academic career).

Few foundations in Switzerland offer PhD grants and very rarely for begining of thesis.From the second year, you can find small scholarships but you have to manage in parallel the progress of your PhD and the fundraising. 

Hosted foundations such as Lagonico Foundation, Afenduli, Zereilli Marimo, Erna Hamburger, Foundation for the University of Lausanne etc.distribute only small amounts (at most 20'000CHF) and sometimes only at the end of the PhD.


Fellowship for for Switzerland or abroad

Mobility fellowships

Fellowships of the countries of origin, for the promotion of women in Sciences


Fondation suisse à la CIUP de Paris

UNIL students and researchers may undertake studies or research visits to a higher education or research institution in Paris / Ile-de-France.

There is an advantageous housing possibility at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP). The Swiss house at the CIUP, the Swiss Foundation / Pavillon Le Corbusier, has 45 single rooms of 16 m2, each equipped with a private bathroom.
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Candidates are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • be of Swiss nationality or possess a C permit,
  • carry out study or research of at least 2 months in a higher education or research institution in Paris / Ile-de-France or an internship of a study program,
  • have completed at least three years at the BA level in a Swiss higher education institution.


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