Hygiene & security guidelines

For the SSF Departments, for the attention of FBM Research Groups

Version dated 14 May 2020 

General principles of resumption

  • UNIL is closed until further notice.
  • Access to the UNIL and UNIL-CHUV sites (including Agora) remains strictly limited to essential and authorized persons.
  • Any work that can be done by teleworking must continue be done so, regardless of the person’s position.
  • Administrative staff (except those authorized), persons at risk and those living with persons at risk and apprentices are excluded from this resumption plan and must continue to telework.
  • It is no longer necessary to announce one’s presence on a UNIL or UNIL/CHUV site to UNISEP.
  • Security rules must be followed strictly.
  • The CHUV health and safety rules apply to all UNIL, EPFL and CHUV employees in the CHUV, CHUV-UNIL, UNIL and Agora premises on the Bugnon, Cery and Epalinges sites.
  • The UNIL security rules apply to the FBM sites at Dorigny.
  • On 27 May 2020, the political authorities will decide whether or not to confirm the possibility of reopening the universities on 8 June. If this reopening is confirmed, employees will be able to return to the campus, in addition to teleworking, according to a phased resumption plan elaborated by their superiors




Access to the buildings


Conditional authorizations

Hygiene rules

  • Wearing of a mask is not one of the hygiene measures recommended by the FOPH. However, UNIL will provide two masks/day of presence to employees working on the campus who wish to wear one.
  • Wearing of a mask is recommended in cases where social distancing cannot be respected.
  • Regular hand washing
  • A spatial/social distance of at least 2 metres between people must be respected at all times.

Specific protective measures (wearing of gloves, masks, goggles, etc.) required in some laboratories, must be applied at all times.

Mask distribution points


Masks are available, for those employees wishing to wear one, at one of these distribution points: Anthropole (from 11am to 2pm), Annexe de la Mouline (all day), Biophore and Genopode (8am to 11.30am) buildings. They are limited to two per person per day.

Hydroalcoholic solution


A disinfectant dispenser is installed in the main hall or entrance of buildings identified as «Research Poles»: Biophore, Genopode, Serres, Geopolis,  Bungon 7, 7a & 9.

Those present are requested to use them on arrival and throughout the day or to regularly wash hands with soap and water.

The need for disinfection sprays to disinfect common equipment will be analysed by UNISEP and supplied if judged necessary and available.

Recommendations within laboratories and offices

  • Leave the doors open if possible
  • Gloves: Wear gloves when handling common equipment whenever possible.
  • Disinfection of equipment: supply disinfectant wipes



Spot checks by UNISEP

Room cleaning


The following cleaning services are provided every day:

  • cleaning of all sanitary facilities and changing rooms
  • control and replacement of consumables (soaps, paper towels, toilet paper) in all the toilets and in the labs
  • visual checks to clean what is necessary in the building and emptying of non-hazardous waste bins

Furniture is not disinfected.

The intervention schedules are as follow:
Biophore, Genopode, Serres
6:00-8:15 pm
(3 people in all)

5:00-6:00 pm
(1 person)

BU7, 7a, 9, 9a including the outside waste building
6:00 am-12:00 pm
(1 person)

The services will be adapted based on the frequency of use of the buildings, users’ comments, and those of the caretakers and cleaners themselves.



The Unithèque cafeteria and the Da Nino restaurant reopened their doors on 11 May.

Employees wishing to eat on campus must indicate this in advance on their departmental time-sheets or on the day in question by calling UNISEP 021 692 2000 before 9 am.
Payment is by Campus card only.

Information posters


Available for distribution


  • Preferentially by videoconference
  • Live meetings limited to 5 people



In the event of symptoms of an acute respiratory tract illness (e.g. cough, sore throat, breathlessness) or fever, a sensation of fever or muscle aches, or the sudden onset of anosmia or agueusia (loss of smell or taste), it is essential to call your doctor before returning to work.

Cases should be reported to Mrs. Sophie Lazarevic, FBM HR Manager.

Information correct as of 11 May 2020: these measures can be modified or revoked at time by the University directors depending on the evolution of the sanitary situation.


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