Get into the French rhythm in the heart of winter ...

From the 27th of January to the 14th of February 2020, the Cours de vacances offers intensive three-week courses allowing you to improve your French at the University of Lausanne. These courses are open to all non french-speakers over 17 years old who wish to improve their knowledge of the language.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer courses for complete beginners (no notion of French) during the winter.
If you are a complete beginner (you have NO elementary notion of French and you have NEVER taken lessons), we offer six-week courses during the summer.

Practical language courses (A1 to C1)

Introduction to academic texts (B1 to C1)

Mutual teaching in context programme from (A2 to C1), with Certification and ECTS credits 


You can self-assess your French level thanks to the global scale of the European portfolio.


Study plan of the Cours de vacances in French

Study regulations of the Cours de vancances in French

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